[Beast Beat v0.0.4] is now available!

"Mr. Valence, you have chosen to reduce your his sentence by conquer this semen squeezer. This is a one-time offer and the machine will not be stopped until the required amount is reached. Are you sure about that?"

"Really? Good luck, cocky panther"

Experience the biggest update so far! New game play interface and long note to enrich fun are included in this new update!

A new artist with his sexy illustration (Twitter @tsunami70510954) is invited to take part in BeastBeat's CG drawing.

V004 has two difficulties for the new level while the Hell difficulty of v0.0.4 will be playable on next month. A follow-up animation is made to be matching the CG-themed Hell difficulty. CG will be unlocked automatically in the Patreon build of the gallery for checking at anytime.

Once you have played the level to gain any score, the gallery in Patreon Build game can be unlocked. Feel free to enjoy the animation and use your mouse to tickle the sexy beasts.

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[Itch.io_Build PC]BeastBeat V004.zip 80 MB
Jul 07, 2022

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I hope that one day this'll get an Android version. Because this game is really fun


A few hours ago I saw a publication of this is e621 xd