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Welcome to BeastBeat, a 2D interactive animated rhythm game based on the R18 [M/M] Furry theme, playable on Android(Patreon exclusive) & IOS(Patreon exclusive) & Mac & PC platform


You will shuttle between sexy identities in different time and space, whether it is a reckless brave who was level-drain by the devil, or an archaeological new ass who stepped into the trap of Anubis, lover, foe, doctor, we will keep updating!


Interact and flirt with beast husband in the gallery with your mouse.

The combination of 2D interactive animation and the theme of each mainstream sexual fetish will bring you an unprecedented experience


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If you are interested and want your song in the game, please submit your song on our discord server.

report any bugs or comments through the Community session or the Discord server! 

You can also get information about the latest game updates and activities on our social media and Discord server

  • More than 10 sets of CG animation and songs - With some original songs composed by various artists.
  • 3 different difficulties - Easy, Normal and Hell (multi-fingers required!) Are you ready to accept the challenge?
  • Play just like any classic rhythm game - Hit the notes on 4 lanes according to the beat!
  • Interactive animation gallery mode - Play with the character you like using your mouse!  (Patreon exclusive)
  • Character CG backstory video - Know more about the character you love.  (Patreon exclusive)
  • Mobile version - Play anywhere you go!  (Patreon exclusive)

  • 4Key rhythm game with multiple difficulty gradients- The classic 4Key audio game mode, you can challenge with various difficulties, from simple to difficult, enjoy the pleasure of breaking through yourself 
  • Multiple exclusive debut music-We invited Ardolf as the music director of the game, and created a unique BeastBeat music experience under the contribution of this outstanding musician 
  •  2D full animation CG- We are committed to the technical research of 2DCG animation, and continue to explore more possibilities 
  • Auto Unlock Gallery(Patreon exclusive)-Even if you don't play BeastBeat's audio game, you can still unlock the gallery with any score (even 0 points), and simply use it as a 2D flash game with a variety of sexy theme CG! 
  • Continuous update-Join the discord community, you can provide your own opinions, and you can also discuss and exchange with other players and developers

 ⚠ Mobile version is only available through a Patreon subscription. Please refer to our Patreon for more details.

 ⚠ Recording of any gameplay from our gameplay should not be published on any public video-sharing platform, such as YouTube.

 ⚠ Selling or redistributing copies of the game is prohibited.


⬩ v 0.1.14 Update ⬩

“Hengel’s hurricane swept across the northern plains, and the terrified refugees looted the trade routes, making them unsafe. I need a strong and brave warrior to escort me safely to the city of Shyalo.”

Standing in front of the tavern, you had little confidence. These coastal tribes were peaceful and isolated, would anyone be willing to leave their homeland and protect you on your journey to the distant Shyalo? Your worries were not unfounded, these young and muscular rhino lads were looking at you, a foreign merchant, with suspicion.

“How much are you paying?”

The rhino warrior leaning against the doorframe got up and walked towards you, his deep voice made you swoon, his sexy and solid muscles blocked your view… As for how much gold you paid, how you would depart, you couldn’t remember any of that.

Ever since this hunky man shook your hand and swore to protect you, all you could think of was mating with him. The bright moonlight outside the window pierced through the clouds and shone on the warrior’s firm face. His lust murmurs in his sleep sounded like they were meant for you, the crotch cloth cannot cover the slightly erect penis

“Oh fuck, I have to, god”

Even if you had to pay an extra gold for this, you wouldn’t want to miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity…

Good evening, the renowned traveler. I hope you had a satisfying journey escort and a sweet night. It is unforgettable to savor the body of a strong man in bed.

As usual, let me tell you what we are working on. The animator and the programmer did an animation optimization test. If you have tried V0.1.13, you will see the new technology we are using. Tap the screen, the sex rhythm will speed up! When you stop tapping, the sex rhythm will go back to normal slowly. We were all amazed by this effect when we tested it internally. we hope you will love it too.

Besides, we experimented with a new animation blending method to make the transition smoother. We will fully apply this feature in the next new game.

The C-Bone production team devoted to animation will keep bringing you a better experience. Have fun! Next month we will add a new Note Skin and bring a small monthly update. Stay tuned

StatusIn development
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(489 total ratings)
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Adult, Animation, Furry, Gay, mobile, Unity
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Smartphone
LinksPatreon, Twitter


BeastBeat V0.1.14.rar 173 MB

Install instructions

Press FGJK to hit the note. Scroll speed and key binds may be changed through settings.

🖥️PC:  Require software which can decompress ".zip" to open the file package

📱Mobile:  Mobile version is only available through a Patreon subscription. Please refer to our Patreon for more details.

If the installation fails, modify its extension name is only ".apk and don't open it with your browser, open it with your phone's file manager

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