[Beast Beat v0.0.5a] is now available!

Warrior Adair encounters the boss Trutt inside the maze.
The boss who has been weakened comes up with a new interesting plan…
“Well.. You seem to be very energetic, warrior… Now come and let me serve you as much as you want…”
“While I am sure being a slut would fit you much better than being a warrior~”

In my previous work as a designer, I wanted to have a chance to create freely, now lets do it in ‘BeastBeat’ with a brand new game interface!

V005 update introduces a collaboration between Ardolf and @HGLC233, who is invited to take part in BeastBeat's CG drawing. I am honored to be the animator of this meaningful collaboration.

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  • Interactive animated wallpaper
  • v0.0.5a LongNote of gameplay bug fixed


  • Hell Difficulty Challenge + Animation expansion
  • VN Animation‘LevelDrain’
  • VN Animation imagepack

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This Game is impossible for me i have 74 percent hit rate

Deleted 72 days ago
Deleted 72 days ago
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finally a new update! tnx dev😚

I just tried this game makes me to never want to touch another rhythm game again.